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"It seemed to us that life in every form is incipiently everywhere..." - John Steinbeck


Comments from Guests............

"I have joined and participated in several outdoor environmental outdoor programs along with several people from my company at one time, and I must say that MJ Wild Things Photography Expeditions have given me a new outlook on life. Not only were they very professional in the way they handled everyone involved on my expedition, they had also given me the confidence to not only get more involved with the conservation of our oceans but convinced me to become an ongoing participant in future expeditions."

-Melvin Wade, Boston, MA  

"Talk about some extraordinary scenery in Fiji, we thought that we had seen it all! After participating in a photographic expedition with MJ Wild Things none can compare with the expert professionalism and personal attention, which I had received along with my students. Not only did MJ Wild Things provide us with the quality and safety of a photography expedition, but also we came back with the knowledge and skills that our group never thought would have been achieved without their help. This is a true and spell bounding experience beyond words. Also a great thanks to MJ, for he was the backbone of this expedition for teaching us what we could never learn in a classroom."

-R. Moore, Newport, RI

"Living a dream photographic expedition and latching on to educational values are what the organization of MJ Wild Things have given me. Being a Professor in the field of marine science with a specialty in marine mammal genetics, I have learned that there is more to the teaching than just lab work. I was ignited when I met MJ during a seminar years ago and had kept correspondence with him for advice and personal guidance. Now, having to have participated in one of his organization's expeditions, I am now more ethereal with my own personal work as to know where it is going for the benefits of marine science and its wisdom. MJ had revealed to me the values of whale and dolphin research through communicative values, without a restrictive hold in their domain. Respect the Ocean and for what it holds, and MJ Wild Things Photography Expeditions will show you the rest."

-Prof. W.R. Kensington, London, England  

"MJ is one of the most dedicated individuals when it comes to specializing in the knowledge of nature and wildlife. Not only does he have a very well tuned organization "MJ Wild Things Photography Expeditions", but his peers delegates the majestic demeanor beyond words-professional. The photography expeditions that MJ Wild Things present are just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of iceberg, that is exactly what our group experienced, along with viewing the natural habitats of orcas and other marine mammals in and around Newfoundland and its neighbor lands. To experience what nature has to offer in its truest sense I would recommend it to everyone who would want to receive the real value of environmental education, along with the understanding of wildlife photography, and then one should become a participant in MJ Wild Things Photography Expeditions.

-Kym Dean, New York City, NY 

"As a student in the field of ocean biology and research, I was searching for an organization that could possibly help me with my thesis in achieving my educational and professional goals. I had not only found that organization which is MJ Wild Things, but have participated in several of their photography expeditions. The patience and professional work ethics that were instilled upon me by MJ and the staff of Wild Things had given me the determination and respect more completely for our ocean and the life that it holds. Adventures with Wild Things Photography Expeditions cannot compare to any other." 

-William Weber, San Diego, CA

" I have known MJ for over 20 years now and have worked with him on several of his expeditions that involved dolphins. I am always amazed at his perseverance and compelling ability to show people the other side of the ocean. When one would think that they were one with nature and its inhabitants, it is then that MJ shows you a deeper appreciation of our oceans environment. It is with passion that compels his success and artistic ability that makes one learn what it's all about. I know I have. MJ's tremendous commitment to our marine environment shows you that he is a very kind and generous individual. At the drop of a pin, I would jump to the occasion to work with him again."

-L.A. Borgus, Aruba


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