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MJ is a professional and pioneer in the field of marine and wildlife biology. MJ was a lead marine science and research facilitator and exotic veterinarian through several wildlife parks and aquariums. His worldwide adventures in research and education have led him to journeys in capturing unique visions on film. MJ is an accomplished photographer & cinematographer and has led several environmental expeditions with National Geographic and the Explorers Society; which has served greatly for the study of marine and terrestrial research. His accomplishments have given others the appreciation of the greatly needed conservation of our planet ocean. MJ is also a well-known spokesperson on environmental preservation of our oceans. In addition, his travels have enabled him to collect fine arts which will be shared by all through a future mission of a Fine Arts Gallery. MJ offers the public to now explore the wonders of the world through his photography expeditions.

MJ has trekked the Amazon River, scaled arduous mountain peaks, dove in shallow waters and great depths of the abyss, and has faced all of nature in its entirety in order to capture the most ideal and stunning pictures to share with the world. MJ has been recognized as only one of a few wildlife photographers who has the natural gift of getting up close and personal with all wildlife.



The Artist & Photographer:

As a photographer, I have chosen to capture some of the world's most beautiful images, at the most perfect moment. These images reflect my great love and respect for nature and man's proper place in it ~ that of observer, partner and preserver. It's my wish that the joy I experience as a chronicler of nature will enhance your home and touch your heart, so that what I have captured in photography today, will continue to exist and flourish for the enjoyment of the coming generations.   MJ................

We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest.        

                                               We must learn to sail in high winds. - Aristotle


1980: Underwater Photographer of the Year

1985: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

1989: National Geographic Underwater Honorary Photographer

1998 - 2001: National Professional Photographer Association, 1st Place Awards

2002-2004: Ansel Adams Wilderness Society Awards

2006: Coastal Living Magazine, 1st Place Award in Lighthouse Photography Contest

2006 - 2007: Wildlife Photographer of the Year, N.P.P.A.

2008: International Photography Award, Nature Photographer of the Year, IPA

2010: Wildlife Photographer of the Year




All photographs by MJ. Copyright 2000.  All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.

Email: info@mjwildthings.com




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