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MJ Wild Things has created a unique collection of awe-inspiring photography of nature and wildlife to majestic landscapes gathered for  over 30 years from a myriad of worldwide destinations. MJ Wild Things also offers the opportunity to exhibit several of its Fine Art collections of paintings, sculptures, fossils, artifacts, and objects of antiquity to the public for acquisition. We invite you to browse our wide selection of images and focus your attention on the wonders of wildlife and environmental beauty and create your own Mystic Journey. MJ takes great pride in his pursuit of photographs that capture the true feeling of wild places and the animals that live there, as well as the natural beauty of landscapes. He looks forward to the opportunity to share these images with you.

 When one would describe the definition of Fine Art, it is not only the classification of photography, painting, sculpture and other media's of classic   art, it is what the beauty of nature that drives an artist to pursue their passion within their self. If an individual collects sea shells, rocks and minerals, or one who is an avid fossil hunter, that is all a fine art. Creating beautiful objects from the bounty of nature and turning it into arts of enjoyment and entitlement, that is all considered a fine art. What one individual sees as only an object, an artist sees within that personal item and turns it into a creation of Fine Art for others to appreciate.

Fine Arts is an intrigued way we see the anthropomorphic quality of trees, the ripples in the sand that are left behind by the waves or wind, bones, shells, rocks, fossils, birds, animals, and many other objects that we tend to take for granted in our demanding lives. The juxtaposition of these fine art objects placed together while when viewing nature, is truly a beautiful art in itself. Everyone can relate to these objects, they are everywhere if we slow down for a moment and look around.     


The Idealism of Wild Things

Wild Things! Where are they, and what are they? Would they be only the howl of a wild beast in the wilderness, or the speed of a cheetah in chase of its adversary on a vast open range? Could it be that a "Wild Thing" would also be viewed as an eagle soaring high in search of his next meal, or perhaps the sight of great bears pursuing the voyage of salmon swimming up stream in a mighty river? We all think of the obvious when it comes to the saying: "Wild Things". One of the most distinctive opinions or ideals of what a real "Wild Thing" would be, is to secretly watch one of the world's massive whales breaching out of the ocean full bodied and then crashing back down with such impressive energy it leaves one spellbound, and then it leaves its footprint on top of the water.

Well, why not challenge and envision the frontier of your inner thoughts and see what new impressions of what "Wild Things" would be? Now perceive in your mind's eye a vividly colored leaf that fell off from a giant oaks branch and into a winding stream that leads its way down and out to a great sea. Now before it takes the whole journey into the sea, catch sight of that leaf floating past a historic lighthouse that has been mounted high on a rocky cliff for years knowing that ancient mariners used that edifice for their safe passage way home.

How Wild would it be to have two individuals entwined together and spellbound watching the sun crest above the horizon leisurely getting more intense when seen from a sandy beach over a soft changing tide? Life is a "Wild Thing" when one can understand it from a total perspective formatting within your own ideals and dreams. What I do is capture that beauty and turn it into a work of art. As a photographer I can not only display this work of beauty for the world to see, I can take you on a journey with me to see it on your own. Take that challenge and join me on of my photography workshops and understand the reality and the fundamental nature of "Wild Things".....MJ...

Below is a Gallery filled with a variety of wildlife and landscape photographs that are also for sale. Each photograph is professionally matted and comes in several different sizes. For those of you who are interested in one or several of these beautiful and original photographs displayed, please email us and ask for a specific size and we will get back to you in regards to pricing. Email us at: info@mjwildthings.com

To view photographs at a larger scale so you can read about where the picture is from, just right click to "view image". Almost every photograph is from MJ's book called: "Reflections of America". Every photograph in the Gallery below has a hidden watermark which is security protected, against copyright infringement


All photographs by MJ. Copyright 2000.  All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.

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